SUB E-12 F

SUB E-12 F


The DALI SUB E-12 F is an elegant subwoofer strong enough for most purposes, whether there is music or movies on the program. The SUB E-12 features a 12” woofer, capable of moving plenty of air with power and precision. The cone is made from pure aluminium for maximum stiffness and a becoming exterior.

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Donnant l´impression que le caisson flotte dans l´air, la base en aluminium découple le caisson du sol et s´intègre parfaitement à la pièce d´écoute.


Le coffret a été conçu pour s´intégrer parfaitement à la taille du haut parleur mais sans faire de compromis sur le volume nécessaire à la reproduction de basses puissantes.


L´amplification des caissons DALI garantit des performances de haute volée sans jamais s´essouffler, même à fort volume sonore.


Grâce à leurs entrées LFE ou LINE , tous les caissons DALI sont compatibles avec pratiquement n´importe quel amplificateur.


Le lancement du nouveau caisson de basses DALI SUB E-12 F représente une nouvelle référence dans cette catégorie.

Le nouveau caisson de basses DALI est équipé d’un haut-parleur de 12″ capable de déplacer une grande quantité d’air avec puissance et précision. Le cône est réalisé en aluminium pur pour une rigidité optimale et une apparence attractive. Il est de plus équipé d’un système magnétique massif à bobine à long débattement qui permettent au caisson de toujours parfaitement suivre le signal de l’amplificateur.

Le cœur de ce caisson est l’amplificateur en classe D d’une puissance de 170W RMS offrant une réponse linéaire. Conformément à la tradition DALI, il s’intègre parfaitement à votre système AV en lui apportant un appui substantiel au niveau des basses fréquences. Le résultat : une reproduction équilibrée des basses, parfaitement intégrées au son de vos enceintes. Et grâce à son limitateur, le caisson est protégé contre les surcharges.

La face arrière du SUB SUB E-12 F propose un ajustement du volume, de la phase et un réglage de la fréquence de coupure tandis que la mise en marche est gérée par un dispositif automatique par détection du signal. Grâce à ses entrées LFE et LINE, ce caisson s’intégrera dans tout système AV.

Le SUB E-12 F repose sur une base en aluminium et le port bass-reflex est dirigé vers le sol, ce qui permet un positionnement directement contre un mur. La grille frontale est maintenue grâce à des aimants et lorsqu’elle est retirée, l’apparence du caisson est totalement modifiée : de discrète à totalement extravagante lorsque le cône en aluminium est apparent.

Le DALI SUB-12 F s’harmonisera parfaitement avec la nouvelle série ZENSOR. Il est naturellement compatible avec toutes les enceintes DALI en complément naturel d’un système surround.


The integrated 170 Watt RMS Class D amplifier is a highly linear construction. The DALI SUB E-12 F will follow and render the required signal with an absolute minimum of bias. Designed not only for continuous power, but also for peak power, this subwoofer is able to deliver 220 Watt Peak Power. This is very relevant when it comes to both movie and music signals.

Switchmode power supply is part of the reason for very low power consumption – only 0.4 Watt in stand-by mode. And the amplifier displays an impressive efficiency of 70%. In unison the high efficiency amplifier section and power supply construction generate an absolute minimum of heat loss. For that reason you will find no external heat sink on this subwoofer.

To improve sound reproduction in general, and to ensure that this subwoofer is able to perform under difficult circumstances, a limiter has been incorporated in the amplifier section.

The integrated limiter works in two areas: It compares the input signal amplitude to the potential output signal level, and it compares the available supply voltage from the power supply to the expected output signal. If any of these comparisons show that there will be a problem then the limiter will cut the signal in a soft manner and without affecting peak power.

Fitted with controls for gain, cut-off frequency, and phase, the DALI SUB E-12 F will adapt to any front speaker and room acoustics. And with a choice of LFE and LINE inputs it can be connected to almost any amplifier, receiver or processor.


Available in Black Ash, Light Walnut, and soon in White finish, the SUB E-12 F is the natural companion for many DALI speakers. It will complement any ZENSOR, LEKTOR and IKON MK2 system. Even customers for the FAZON F5 looking for more power than you can get from the FAZON subwoofers today will find what they need in this subwoofer.

And importantly; the design, technology, and construction of this subwoofer makes it a perfect upgrade of a speaker system of another brand. Whether it’s a 2.1-, 5.1- or 7.2-channel system – or something in between – the DALI SUB E-12 F will take natural sound one step further.


The DALI SUB E-12 F incorporates a large woofer with aluminium cone. This stiff, yet lightweight, material was chosen to ensure a greater transient response as you would normally expect from a subwoofer in this category. Very much in line with DALI’s philosophy in building speakers, the ability to start and stop very quickly enables easy integration with the front speakers. This goes for smaller front speakers as well.

Designed to be a closed cone you will find no dust cap. Instead it is an integrated part of the cone itself. This is also a contributing factor in ensuring a piston-like behaviour. Consequently distortion is kept to an absolute minimum – especially in the low frequency area which is where the subwoofer operates.

The engine of the woofer is built around an ‘oversized’ ferrite magnet, and optimized for maximum flux within the voice coil gap. The reason is that it was crucial for the project team to reach a high B/L product to enable the SUB E-12 F to render the finer low frequency details of music, also at a higher sound pressure level. The measured B/L value of 14 N/Ampere is a good indication of the level of control and precision that was reached, and rarely to be found in this category at all. And the numerous listening sessions has truly convinced us that this was the right way to go.

Adhering to the low-loss sound design principle, the surround of the woofer is built to allow long and linear excursion. The oversized suspension is designed to allow both weak and strong transients to turn into undistorted acoustic signals.


Built on almost 30 years of knowledge in acoustics and cabinets, the solid MDF cabinet abides the tough DALI specifications. The enclosure comes in a choice of Black Ash, Light Walnut and White laminate finishes. The front baffle itself displays a High Gloss Black & High Gloss White finish.

Any risk of port noise derived from the down-firing bass vent itself is seriously reduced by its convex tapered design. Apart from the shape of the flares the vent has also undergone extensive testing, measuring and listening when it comes to dimensions and placement, in order to optimize interaction with the cabinet and woofer.

The entire cabinet is effectively decoupled from the floor by means of a sleek aluminium base. Almost appearing to hover above the floor the distance of 30 mm eliminates any potential turbulence from the space between the cabinet and the floor itself. Still, the proximity to the floor ensures that the benefit of having a down-firing vent is maintained; a higher efficiency and more freedom in positioning – e.g. directly against the wall.

The front grille is mounted by magnets only – and when removed, the visual appearance changes from discreet to extravagant as the pure aluminium cone is revealed.