Mac 6 Plus Mac61 – MAC6+/1

MAC6 BreakoutsMAC6 Breakouts

  • Center Conductor Metal (Video): 2.5% Silver-Plated Copper
  • Center Conductor Metal (Audio): Long-Grain Copper
  • Negative Conductor/Shield (Video): Foil + Silver-Plated Braid
  • Negative Conductor/Shield (audio): Foil + Long-Grain HyperLitz
  • Available Lengths:  100 ft. spool (30 m.) 250 ft. spool (76 m.)

Instant Tool-less Connector: Since 2004, ITC’s patented* connector design has enabled installers to make faster connections, without tools, and with better results. Today, an improved center-pin capture system and redesigned tooth-ring make ITC more compatible with more of the cables you use.

ITC connectors offer installers a quality, time saving alternative. They provide a fast, easy application for simple, tool-free push termination.

This results in higher reliability, fewer return trips to address failed connections and increased overall customer satisfaction. ITC’s patent-pending Lotus-Grip System™ ensures long-term, reliable connections, with a captive center pin that securely grips the center conductor.

Additionally, ITC connectors feature our Torsional Strain Relief System™ that reduces stress on the component and facilitates better cable management at the rack.

ITCs are a key advantage in that they do not require a compression tool and are uniquely reusable!